SX50 E-book by Stephen Ingraham???

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Re: SX50 E-book by Stephen Ingraham???

Stephen Ingraham wrote:

Felix John wrote:

Did Stephen change his mind? He started an E-book awhile back, wrote 12 1/2 pages, then, nothing.

As a very new beginner to the SX50, & photography, I enjoyed what he'd written so far, enjoyed how he wrote, & found it very educational.

Then I got sick, wasn't able to come by here for a spell, & now can't find it. Did he change his mind? The 12 1/2 PDF pages I downloaded, all there's gonna be?



As everyone said, my job has had me in Vegas, and now FL for several weeks. The past two days I have actually been taking photos! I will get back to the book when I get home.

You volunteered to write this and make it available for free. And now, you put your job ahead of this task? 


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