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Pentax on Flickr

After a long break I am back on flickr and I have been checking out the Pentax Camera Finder page.

Top 5 in Overall Stats:

Camera Images Average Daily Users

1 K-5 3,446,509 361

2 K-x 4,847,926 161

3 K10D 9,884,484 114

4 K-7 3,080,929 99

5 K20D 4,568,407 108

The K-7 is an outlier today because despite its 30 day average being below the K20, today it had more users (142 vs 137)


  • Ranked #1 of 96 Pentax Cameras
  • 8,666 uploads from 493 users yesterday

I have been looking at the K-5 for a few days and the number of users has been going up pretty dramatically. A few days ago it was in the low 300s. In my nearly 5 years on flickr I cant remember a Pentax camera topping 500 daily users. The volume of K-5 pictures is pretty amazing too. I have no doubt that the K-5 will pass the K20D by June or July. Given the 2 1/2 year head start and the continuing popularity of the K20, what the K-5 is doing is spectacular.

A couple of oddities:

The K-5II, K-5IIs, K-30 and K-01 do not show up on the chart at all despite images form those cameras being on flickr. I wonder if they are all being lumped into K-5 stats due to the nearly identical sensor.

The k-r, like my beloved K200D, was seriously under appreciated. Despite being an insane value and available in cool colors, it is not being reflected in flickr stats. Total images stand at 1.3 million with little chance they will ever get to the 3 million mark achieved by both the K200D and K7

All and all a good report for Pentax. The K-5 is the #43 camera on all of flickr ( and daily use is on the rise, no doubt reflecting all of us who waited for the recent price drop. I hope they fix what ever is keeping the K-30 form being represented because I suspect it will show significant use.

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Very happy K5 & K200 owner!

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