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sustownsend wrote:

I am a semi-proffessional photographer and in preperation of shooting my first wedding this summer I am purchasing some new lenses. I'm a bit bogged down by all of the choices but have narrowed my long-distance lens down to 3 choices: the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 constant ap throughout zoom with the optical stabilization system, the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 constant ap without IS and the same with the IS. Does anyone have any experience shooting between the Sigma with OS and the Canon without IS? Is there a big difference? I'm sure the best would be the Canon with IS but the Sigma is about $500 cheaper, would the Sigma optical stabilization be comparable to the Canon image stabilization? Are there any other lenses that I haven't found in my shopping that would be better in that range?

Let me get this straight. You're a semi-professional photographer but you are asking in a beginner's forum what lens to get to shoot your first wedding? You do have at least two semi-professional cameras like a 5D MKII or MKIII I would assume so you must use full frame EF glass.

Personally, I wouldn't shoot a 70-200 f/2.8 at a wedding. I think they're too large for a several hour job and it can bog you down hanging there while you've got something wider on the other body. I'd be using something like a 17-40 f/4 on one body and an 85 f/1.2 on the other body. At least an 85 f/1.8 maybe if you want to go cheaper. That gives you a wide lens for groups and other wide ceremony chots and the short fast tele for ceremony, portraits and the reception. Weddings can be fast and furious. You have to be that as well.

Two bodies and two lenses should get you most of what you need. You can also consider a 28mm or 35mm for the wide shots. I like them too. I just switched my daughter who is a full time and successful wedding photographer from a 70-200 f/2.8 VR Nikon to the Nikon 85 f/1.8 and she's very happy she did. She's much less drained at the end of it all and gets better shots overall.

What camera bodies do you currently have? What glass do you have now and what kind of strobes?

Have fun.

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Cheers, Craig
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