My first Aperture-ate-my-photos moment

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Re: My first Aperture-ate-my-photos moment

noirdesir wrote:

I had to force-quit Aperture a handfull of times in the last couple of months because it became completely unresponsive in fullscreen mode (I could four-finger swipe or cmd-tab out of the app and back in, the rest of the OS remained perfectly responsive). Aperture is pegging one processor thread with almost exactly 100%.

Today it happened again but this time the project I had open (300 images imported two days ago) only contained two images after I restarted Aperture. The rest was not hidden by a filter, not in the trash, even the two remaining images did not show up in the all-images view. Repairing permissions, repairing the library, or rebuilding the library did not bring them back.

However, inside the Aperture library package, the images where still there in the import-date named folder. But there was a second folder for the same day with the two still visible images (but those were also in other folder). Thus, I copied them manually to a location outside the library and re-imported them.

This time, recovery was easy because I knew the import date (and number) of the images in the project I had open when Aperture became unresponsive. But if this causes only one or two images to disappear, I would possibly never notice it.

One of these options should take of this...

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