GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

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GH-3 viewfinder dead serious issue

tgutgu wrote:

It is always funny, how the GH3 fans declare real issues with the GH3 finder as "non-issues".

The GH3 EVF is a severe issue! I tried already six GH3 samples in different shops. In none of them I could look through the finder without stress for my eyes. The viewfinder's optics is constructed in an awkward way, so that for me it is impossible to look through it as relaxed as I can look through an E-M5 EVF.

Yes, if I position my eye in one particular position, I can get an almost sharp, undistorted finder image, but that eye position is so constrained, that it is too hard to look comfortably through the I finder.

Panasonic created a real and critical deal breaker for buying this camera. It is a shame that this issue occurs in the company's flagship product, which is unacceptable. Even the G5 EVF feels much better.

If somebody wants to look at non-issue view finders, he should look at the Sony A99 or the Olympus E-M5.


Okay, since I do not own the GH3, nor ever even had the good chance to hold it in my hands, I tend to agree.

Some of this could be the plastic (??) cover on the EVF, and the other must be that for the price of the whole camera, Panasonic probably had to source the OLED EVF and the OLED screen really, really cheaply.

Good news is, seem that Panny is aware of the problem and is doing something about it. I will try to look at or maybe even outright purchase a GH3 by late April, hopefully by then this issue would have been resolved.

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