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Proven causation

Christoph Stephan wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

I would think cultural. Americans are fatter than people from other countries, on average, so why might they not be more violent?

I would think fat people are more relaxed, laid back, content, they enjoy live and eating - they should be less violent....

Lead linked to violent crime

...this is lead in the air, not lead bullets flying around?

I would expect that may be a correlation between atmospheric lead and violence, but not causation. For example, let's say that poorer areas have higher atmospheric lead contamination, and it is the poverty causing the greater violence, not the lead content of the air.

Yes correlation does not necessary mean causation...

Except that if you checked the link, this is about lead (a highly toxic metal) causing developmental issues in children.  Children developing with higher lead content are more violent as the impulse control regions of the brain are damaged.

These studies go back to the early 1990s and all demonstrate environmental lead (from leaded gasoline) causing a surge in violence when the affected age groups grew older.  The banning of leaded gasoline caused lead pollution to drop massively and the violence has also normalised to pre-chronic poisoning levels.

It is a very interesting phenomena in that it appears to be an example of a single-cause leading to a huge and damaging societal change.

The affected age group (I am also in the group, and we had similar atmospheric lead problems here) will be around for decades to come, so we will continue to be problematic for society as a whole.  There is a lesson to be learned here about short-sighted greed, the proper role of government (the EPA banned leaded gasoline, thus saving an unfathomable amount of money and lives), and the value of taking a more cautionary approach to the 'easy fix' that is known to have significant flaws (lead was known to be highly toxic well before the stupid decision to put it in gasoline).

Oh, if you are wondering why this isn't getting more media coverage -- what sort of punitive damages do you think would be appropriate for this case?  Don't invest in the oil industry.

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