Viewing & controlling Lumix GH3 camera using Android smart phone or Android tablet

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Lumix GH3 camera control using Android smart phone/tablet

RickPick wrote:

If it helps, you can set a timer on the app before starting a video take and the camera will stop recording after that time.

No good, can't think about that BEFORE the events I am filming actually happen. Of course, since you would not be seeing a live image of whatever the heck is going on front of the camera, anyhow, it wouldn't make a bag of beans difference, anyhow.

Maybe getting the video OUT via the mini-HDMI jack and then having it wirelessly  transmitted by an extra device might work, but then you probably could not even send a START VIDEO RECORDING signal over to the camera from a phone or tablet.

Great idea -- not yet full baked.

More troublesome for me is that apparently there is that normal little credit card style RF wireless remote control bundled with the GH3, and no wired remote for controlling video START / STOP action.

There could be some sort of a little wireless remote for activating the shutter for still pix though, correct?

The wifi setup for remote control of the camera works by the camera acting as a wifi hotspot. Therefore in a multi camera setup each camera will have its own network id (SID) and unless you have a multi tasking device capable of connecting to multiple networks and running multiple instances of Lumix Link, then a separate controller will also be required for each camera.

Right, so 2x cameras would require 2x smarty pants phones or 2x tablets or 2x laptops, right?

Again, with only a START VIDEO RECORDING command and no way to actually watch what the camera is recording, at the moment this is not worth much for most folks probably. But I am sure that updates will be available frequently. Particularly after the GH3 camera itself will receive its first official firmware update, maybe by the end of this year?

If you're thinking of buying this camera I suggest you look at what it can do well and see if that matches what you want to do, rather than continuously pointing out what it cannot do well and was never designed to do.

Well, it can take videos and stills, but in that respect it is probably not unique any more. Obviously the camera was not quite designed to be controlled in video mode remotely, so I must have misunderstood the laudatory text on the Panny web site about that alleged feature then.

In my own state, nobody handles this camera, and even in a large USA East Coast city like Philadelphia, no camera stores carries it, either. I think once Panasonic starts shipping them en masse, one would be able to get one in New York City, although I am not too certain that camera stores will have a display model to play with, and even if they do, how long can you tie up a camera and what can you test out with it that way?

Again, both STARTING and STOPPING video recording with a digital camera without having to poke a button right on the camera body should not be rocket science or an esoteric feature in the year 2013, I would think.

I am following other threads on the M4/3 Forum about folks having to send in their Lumix DMC-GH3s for fixing this thing or the other thing, so I am now thinking that late April 2013 would be a time by which some of these issues will have been resolved some way or the other. Here is hoping for it, anyhow.

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