Am I doing the right thing?

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Re: Am I doing the right thing?

Peter too wrote:

The 400mm F5.6 is very sharp and very fast to focus. I use it for wildlife, particularly birds for which it is ideal. I don't go to air shows so it may be be different but for birds in flight I never find 400mm is too long. In fact for non-flying birds I will often add a 1.4X multiplier and hand focus, the 640mm option can be quite useful.

Hi Peter,

I shoot a lot of birds (the feathered kind) as well and would agree that 400mm is almost never enough when shooting BIF. I also have the 400 5.6 and it is my preferred lens for BIF mainly because of its speed in focussing, the thing is lightning fast. However I wouldn't recommend it for airshows. There is a huge difference between shooting birds and airplanes. While I have seen some really fantastic shots from airshows using the 400 5.6, if you can get anywhere near the flightline 400mm can often be too much, especially for the larger planes. The lack of IS can also be a real PITA when shooting prop jobs. Trying to get a nice crisp shot at 400mm while panning and using a shutter speed of 1/250 so as to maintain a nice prop blurr is not going to be easy with a non-IS lens.

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