Bokeh: Sony RX1 vs Nikon 35mm f/1.4G review

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Re: Bokeh: Sony RX1 vs Nikon 35mm f/1.4G review

Thank you for the multi-sided comparison.

Bokeh differences are realatively hard to describe. I might suggest to look first at lines and linear edges; like thin metal table or chair legs, power lines, grids, lane strips, etc. Lenses with finer bokeh depict a single line always as one line; those with not-so-fine bokeh lines become double, the secondary ones as latent lines.. With swirly-bokeh types lines in the background seem intermittent, broken.

Sonnar on the RX1 has a fine bokeh; C-Sonnar 50/1.5 too has a fine bokeh too, at full aperture sometimes you think it's not a 50 but a 75 or 85; abrupt transition from sharp to unsharp zones. C-Biogon 35  has the smoothest bokeh  however the aperture is limited to f2.8.

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