Nikon Lens Division should start worrying

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Re: Nikon Lens Division should start worrying

anotherMike wrote:

An addendum to my earlier reply: Today I got to shoot, at landscape distances, the Nikon 28/1.8G. To put it succinctly - Nikon has NOTHING to worry about. To say I was blown away by the 28/1.8G at that sort of distance/aperture combination is an understatement.

Did you look closely at the mid-frame area, roughly corresponding to DX edges?

My copy of the 28/1.8G on a D800 has slightly reduced microcontrast there, at landscape distances and even stopped down to f/8 (this is not field curvature). Sharpness is indeed outstanding, if you only look at the center and the FX edges...

My 24-85 VC beats the 28/1.8G in this mid-frame area, corners are no contest, of course.

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