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Re: It's about access to m4/3 lenses.

baxters wrote:

Peter 1745 wrote:

It's about access to m4/3 lenses.

Apart from "Kodak" these are well established companies operating in specialist niches who are currently using old mounts (e.g. C or M42).

By going to m4/3 they can access lenses (of roughly similar size to what they are currently using) with modern electronic control features.

Consider that SLR Magic is putting M43 mounts on lenses originally designed for industrial and machine vision apps. Maybe these companies have decided to add the mount themselves and sell directly? Or if they have auto focus and adjustable aperture products, they wanted to adopt an established electrical protocol like M43 for industry standardization.

Interesting. I have been taught that the First Industrial Revolution needed various concurrent factors, and it seems that it is what is happening in some minor way with m4/3.

People forget too easily that the format was originally chosen by Oly for its good resolution across the frame, and it is still its main advantage. With the terrific improvement in sensors, it is still its main advantage.

APS mirrorless, both in the NEX and Fuji X variants has colour shifts and resolution dropping at the edges in wides, despite the sensors are the latest. So m4/3 advantage is finally beginning to tell.

And companies are beginning to notice. That is the snowball effect.

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