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It depends which lenses you use

rovingtim wrote:

First of all, Big Ga has owned E3's. At the time, he was an Oly shooting wedding photographer looking to be competitive in the business. The E3's simply didn't cut it and one big reason was unreliable focus.

I also used to do weddings. The E1 is good. The E3's focus is unpredictable, sometimes nailing focus and sometimes missing just enough to look soft and sometimes missing completely. While this is true of all cameras to a certain extent, the E3 was really really bad while the E5 is merely bad.

Many on this forum don't notice slight misfocus. There is a thread where another wedding photographer posted an E3 shot using the 35-100 and everyone went ooooh! wow! nice shot! and I immediately noticed it was front focused and said so. The OP immediately confirmed this so the fanboys weren't able to jump on me and tell me what a doomsayer I am. (He has since switched systems ... largely because of focus problems).

Other systems simply don't have the focus fail rate that the E3/E5 has. That is one reason the EM5 is so exciting (though the Panny m4/3rds is marginally more reliable in focusing ...)

I posted a thread some time ago demonstrating just how unreliable my E3 is. It is has twice been confirmed by Olympus to be working within acceptable parameters. Would you like me to dig that thread up?

I dare you to say yes.

The E-3 is extremely accurate and reliable with certain lenses, barring some lighting conditions.  With other lenses it's less accurate and also less reliable.

The E-3 is extremely accurate and reliable using the 12-60mm.  In fact, it's one of the fastest focusing combinations I've used (across Olympus and Nikon), and I'd highly recommend that combination if speed and accuracy is what you're after.  However, there are some lighting conditions (specifically strongly back-lit subjects) where the above combination will refuse to focus.  It's a problem with the combination, and something you learn to live with.  When you have such a situation, you simply don't use AF in those lighting conditions, so it never becomes a problem again.

The E-3 and 35-100/2 is accurate in good light, but in my experience very slow and unreliable in poor lighting conditions.  It's not a lense you would choose for many applications in low light, and as such something you learn to deal with, or something you choose to move away from.

I think it's entirely inaccurate to label the E-3 as "unpredictable" because it's simply not - it's very predictable with most ZD lenses (at least every one I've tried).  With experience you realize what these scenarios are - you make the mistake once, and you don't make it again.  It's a function of experience, as it is with any other body.


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