GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

The news is a bit thin on the ground.  There have been a few rumours of a GRD with a larger sensor for a while.  This one is billed as from a reliable source, says "it is a bit thicker", is "based on the aps-c sensor" and there is not much else to report.

Well do we get the Ricoh take on the RX1?  What might the price be?  I am sure that they are not going to sell one for less than Sony, or might they?  Ricoh in it's own particular way would have to look closely at their interface and also difference it mightily from the RX1 or else the market clout of Sony would surely wipe a GRDV.

One thing is assured I will have to buy a GRDIV if the rumour proves to be true.  I have the early adopters syndrome - a GRD, GX100 & GRDIII, not a GRDII, GX200 & GRDIV.  I have not missed the GRDII or GX200 but the GRDIV has quite useful refinements over the "III" and as the last of the very capable compact small sensor compact GRD line the "IV" must be well worth owning.

I presume that Ricoh must be into some compact camera trickery as the GRDV with aps-c sensor would have to be  not much larger than the present GRDIV to be considered in the same class of camera.

The GRD to date has been in a class of it's own and a very capable camera, much lamenting that it needs a larger sensor but if it leaves the class it presently dominates there will be a large hole left to fill.

Time will tell, but I think there is not enough announced to be manning the lifeboats just yet.

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