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Re: Critiques welcome

Steve Throndson wrote:


Welcome to DPR - I see you've just joined.

Here's my 2¢ on your photos:

1. Pine cone - nice colors, but not much to hold the viewers interest. Crop closer?

I enjoyed this one mainly due to the colors as well. I'll try a closer crop and see how it looks.

2. Lamp and beach - good photo. There's a light, fresh feeling to it - you can almost hear the waves along the shore. If that fence weren't there, a viewer could walk right into the frame, right down to the beach. Maybe it could be cloned out.

Thank you. I wish the fence weren't there as well, I may trying some editing.

3. My favorite. Whatever that thing is, it's beautifully delicate, and the subtle colors are very nice - especially the touch of red along the edge. The highlighted waves are a nice detail. I wish there was a little more room on the left. It seems a bit 'cut off' on that side.

Thanks again, I was happy with how the colors turned out. I find myself cutting off many of my photos, I'll have to learn to take a step back.

4. OK, interesting scene. Pleasant colors, nice and sharp. A 'perspective' crop could straighten up the verticals to make it look a bit more formal.

I'll have to look into perspective cropping. Straighten things up could alleviate my own issues with it.

5. I need to know how you did this. Please elaborate. Double exposure? If it,s a montage, then I'd suggest coloring the leaf yellow or orange, and adding some motion blur to show that it's falling. Autumn's first leaf.

This picture was a combination of luck and observation. I was walking in the woods and found a single leaf hanging from a thread of a spider web. I snapped a few shots before it broke off and fell completely. I like your suggestions, might have to play with it in photoshop.

Altogether, some nice shots. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I have a lot to learn but I'm happy with some of the results of my first few photo shoots.

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