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simmybear31 wrote:


Thanks - I see now your from somewhere near Heidelberg, a lovely and historic city and the Rhineland a beautiful area.

Yes I do understand, I can already see that sweet "Bill" only has one button to push but frankly I don't care - its never going to be my misfortune to meet him in person and anything else he says is "sticks and stones".

I used to have the privilege of being a member of the Judiciary here in the UK before ill health forced my retirement, in the time i served I met a whole variety of people good and bad and the most important lesson I learned is that freedom and by default freedom of speech is a rare flower that we should cherish.

So although "Bill" may well flame me or insult me or in his own words "outgun" me (how coincidental that he should choose those words?) or anything else, I would defend his right to do so, I'm quite happy to let others judge him.

Having visited America several times on business and for holidays the people I've met have all been most friendly but I can say the same of Europe as well - after all the majority of peopleare good and decent and just want a quiet, happy and healthy life with their families and children - what more can one ask for?

Anyway as I said before I love the freedom to be part of Europe and hope you don't judge the whole of the UK by those who "bad mouth" our relationship with the EU.


you'll find the mass majority of people around the world are good hearted souls once you start to get to know them, but who can pass up the chance to rile up some good ol' boys

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