Uploading pics to PSE....duplicates

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Re: Uploading pics to PSE....duplicates

John Deerfield wrote:

The duplicates are on my hard drive...not in pse...sorry for that confusion. It just says shortcut on it but it is the exact same picture and it says the file size is the same.

And this is still confusing! You are seeing two images in PSE, yes? How do we know the image a duplicate? To me, it doesn't sound as if there are two of the same images on your hard drive, only that you see two within PSE. But I could be wrong. Again, using the Properties to point you to the actual referenced image will clarify.

As far as space on the hard drive I have no clue. I know this computer was not bought to have music and pics added to it. It was just the laptop in the family room for email and fb and such. I was not planning on getting another one till this one dies cuz I dont really want to spend the money so and external hard drive???? Is that the way to go?

Well, if this is a laptop, that pretty much means using an external drive. I would recommend using a separate hard drive (external or internal) for your media no matter what. And you can pick up 1TB external drives for under $100 now. But the bad news is that digital photography and subsequently image management is just another hobby that we continually throw money at.

Ok....seriously don't kill me or laugh at me too hard. I was seeing the duplicates or shortcuts as it states in the recent items on my laptop.....when I actually opened up the pictures and clicked on the folder with these pics there were no duplicates! Duhhhh!

I DO see that this hobby is becoming expensive fast lol That is why I have to make a serious effort at it. At least getting to learn the basics right!!  Ok so external drive it is then!

Thank you for your patience and your help. I am sure it has been frustrating for you!:)


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