Should I buy a Pentax-A 70-210 F4?

Started Jan 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fungus in the lens!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Simon Devlin wrote:

The honest seller sent a full refund.

So I'm on the look-out for another one.

I would consider an AF lens but to get a modern fast one at constant F4 or similiar is a lot of money.

Speed is the main factor here as I want this for sports photography.

Is there a modern 70-200ish lens range with around a constant F4 that doesn't cost >£400?

Maybe put the money towards an F2.8 LOL

Glad to hear that the seller did right by you in the end. I'd look for another copy of the 70-210 F4 SMC-A lens that's in good shape if I were you - it's a fine lens. I'd suggest someplace like KEH for good used examples - look for "EX+" or better condition, and you generally won't be disappointed.

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