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Re: Resolution and magnification

John Michael Winterbourne wrote:

Garbage, eh? I hope I'm allowed a comment (after pausing to work out that by "proport" you really meant "purport".. not something that I'd normally comment on, but this does seem to be an argument verging on the pedantic.)

Heh I'll chalk that up to winter malaise. Haven't seen much of the sun lately.

Whatever you think of its usefulness or relevance in this thread, the exercise was helpful to me. I am now confident that all else being as equal as I can get it, the output on screen or print of the same lens at the same aperture with the camera in the same place will show higher Atkins numbers being resolved by the D60 than the D700. You might not like it, and you may be able to argue about its significance, but I believe it to be true. Although it won't stop me using the D700 when I get down to doing the serious business of pinning down the effect of the OC.

(emphasis mine) Hey, if you want to argue that 10.2 MP outresolves 12.1 MP, you go right ahead. There's no way that's true if the comparison is correctly done. As I said, incorrectly done "tests" (comparisons, if you prefer) do tend to promote "belief" in nonsense.

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