430EX II or Nissin Di866 mkII ?

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Re: 430EX II or Nissin Di866 mkII ?

Regarding the Metz models the 58-AF2 flash is the top of the range model I own this flash and IMO it's one of the best flashes I've ever used. Superb exposures and it is fully featured in every respect, quite quick on shoot to shoot as well, has an A mode which let's the flash bypass the camera metering, sub flash, modelling light.

If you're going to get a higher end flash you won't be disappointed, and where I am the Metz is somewhat cheaper than the top end Canon and Nikon units and I think a very worthy alternative to them. I've experience of Metz service and it's top rate based on my own experience of the company

I can recommend without any hesitation..both models are very good the 58 AF-2 and the 50 AF-1 some differences between them but both are well priced and easy to use..and importantly reliable and consistent.


I was in trouble between metz 58 af-2 and nissin di866 markII.

I bought metz, but i think i've not choosen well.

You say is good, but in my case the subflash is too hard, it flash too much light (also if setted at low power) especially for portrait.

Subflash of metz has only 3 setting: 1/1, 1/2,1/4. and it's too hard and then useless.. in most of cases.

Metz overexpose at iso 1600 and over.

The subflash of nissin, has more more setting of power.

How works your subflash in metz 58 af-2? If for you work well maybe mine is wrong...

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