D800 Orange Burn: Little Help, Please?

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Re: Changes in your method

Robin Casady wrote:

Scott McGrath wrote:


The camera is set to sRGB. Images are taken from the SD card and burned directly to a DVD, which is the source for retouching, as well. Post-processing is in CS5 [Windows 7 64-bit] in sRGB. But because only CS6 can yet process D800 RAW images and because I didn't find ViewNX 2 to be very serviceable, my photog has been shooting 5520x3680 .jpgs.

Does that help or change your thinking?

Because I suspect that the issue originates in the camera, we'll check the saturation and other presets you mentioned.

Shoot RAW if you want to post process. If you shoot JPEG, you are done at the camera. Editing JPEGs is a disaster.

Update Photoshop CS5 to CS6 for much better color processing of D800 RAW files. Be sure to use Process 2012, and not Process 2010. This is set in the Camera Calibration tab of Adobe Camera RAW.

Consider the camera profile used. Experiment with the supplied profiles to see if one is acceptable. If not, you have a few options. You can open an existing profile in Adobe DNG Profile Editor (free download), modify it, and save it as a new profile. Or, you can create your own profiles that take into account your lighting, camera, and lens. This is done with either the QPcard 203 book, or the ColorChecker Passport.

Shoot Adboe RGB, not sRGB. You will easily go out of gamut with sRGB. If you need sRGB as the final output, convert at the very last stage.

Set your WB with a grey card. Do not rely on Auto WB. The QPcard has a grey card opposite the color chart. The ColorChecker Passport has a WB chart that can be used to warm or cool WB to taste.

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I do not think this is either a profile or wb issue. The same exposure creates a dramatic difference in the red channel response for two different shots. Take a look at the histograms from the latest examples from the OP. Something very strange is happening.

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