More hockey from FZ200

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Re: More hockey from FZ200

kkardster wrote:

I think you got some nice shots - especially for indoor action! I'm glad you were able to get the puck into most the the shots that "needed" one.

I assume that being a professional match-up that the areana was fairly well-lit? The only question that popped into my head pertains to your need for +1 EV compensation - that's quite a bit and essentially cut your shutter speed in half. In some of the shots the ice and spray appear over-exposed, so you might want to try toning it down a bit - maybe to +1/3 EV? Slight adjustment of the white balance may also help "brighten" the image while allowing you to reduce the EV comp.

You could try using auto-bracket of -1/3 | 0 | +1/3 with base EV set for +2/3 to take a few three-shot bursts that you can review to help zero-in in the best setting for your position and conditions.

Thanks kkardster. The Thunderbirds are actually only a small semi-pro team so I guess they only get semi-pro lighting Actually the lighting wasn't too bad but I have never been to a larger pro game so I can't really compare.

Actually using +1 EV compensation was about perfect for these shots as the histogram was perfectly centered. I fealt that my shutter speed was fast enough with these settings and I was trying to nail the exposure right out of the camera. I didn't want to have to increase exposure in PP which would increase the noise. On a shot by shot basis I'm sure I could have adjusted the settings even better but the action is so fast and unpredictable that I decided to pick a setting and shoot with it, for most of the shots. I could probably pull out some more detail in the bright white areas of the ice spraying but, to be honest, that really bright srpay was what it seamed to look like to me. However, I'm still going to go back to some of the shots and experiment a little further based on your comments. After editing these shots at ISO 1250 I think I could have easily gone to ISO 1600 and achieved even faster shutter speeds with acceptable noise levels.

I set the white balance by eye based on the first several shots I edited. It just looked right to me but I admit I work on a mid-level laptop without any critical color calibration. So I expect that the colors could be a little 'off' but at least they are consistent 

It's a real challenge to shoot this kind of action, with any camera, and I appreciate all of the tips I can get. I also want to emphasize again how much fun this camera is to shoot with. I was sitting with my family and having conversations witht them one moment and the next moment I was shooting pretty discreetly with the camera, shooting action from all corners of the arena. The lens doesn't stick out too far and it doesn't distract anyone around me. When I was going through the gates to get into the arena a woman asked if that was an interchangable lens camera and I said, "Oh no", like it was just a toy or something, but instead I was laughing inside.

Thanks everyone else for the nice comments.


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