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Aleo Veuliah wrote:

LincolnB wrote:

This really ups the ante in the competition for lenses. Personally I haven't sunk a lot of money into lenses yet at some point I know that's the next smartest upgrade for my gear. So the question becomes whether to stick with adapted lenses such as manual focus Nikon F and Leica M mounts that can be used on just about any camera body including the higher end SonyCaNikon? Or switch to purpose-built M43 lenses? Already many of the lenses available for M43 can compete optically with some of the pro lenses and are often quite a bit cheaper (because of marketing considerations and because there's less glass.) Right now I only have two M43 lenses - the kit lens and the 40-150 zoom. I prefer primes but have not spent any money on autofocus primes. Yet.

Good point of view. Let's see who of the companies that have joined can make good micro 4/3 lenses at a good price. and with good IQ. But it will be very difficult to compete with Panasonic and Olympus.

Competition is good; it just makes the decision-making process more difficult!

Just look at the situation with some fast lenses. Rokinon has been selling their 35mm f/1.4 lens for about $550, Voigtlander has their 40mm f/2 for $490. Both are easily adapted to M43 with a $25 Nikon-to-M43 adapter. Now SLR Magic comes out with a M43 native 35mm 1.4 for $280. But you can't use the SLR Magic on a Nikon/Nex/Canon like the Rokinon and Voigtlander. Resale value and flexibility are less. Or how about Olympus's 75mm 1.8 vs. Rokinon's 85mm 1.4? $900 and autofocus vs. $300 and manual focus.

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