Uploading pics to PSE....duplicates

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Re: Uploading pics to PSE....duplicates

John Deerfield wrote:

The only reason I downloaded the 5 was to play with it and try it out to see if I liked it. If I like it I plan on buying the updated version.

Again, very much not recommended. I am sure that upgrading from v5 (2006) to v11 (2012) would have it's fair share of headaches which can all be avoided by simply starting with v11. If you aren't sure, you can downoad a free trial:


Really, the only other consumer software solution I am aware of is going to be something like the Corel products, of which you would need at least two to match the functionality of PSE:

Image Manager: http://www.corel.com/corel/product/index.jsp?pid=prod4670071&cid=catalog20038&segid=6000006

Editor: http://www.corel.com/corel/product/index.jsp?pid=prod4900067&cid=catalog20038&segid=8100002

All of which have trials. The unfortunate reality is that any software solution is going to have a learning curve. One of the advantages to PSE is that there is a wealth of user contributed tutorials on the web that the Corel products do not have.

In terms of using PSE, I do not know what you are seeing when you see two of the same image next to each other in PSE. You could simply be a version of the same image which takes up next to nothing as far as hard drive space is concerned as it isn't a duplicate copy of the image but rather a link to the same image. I do not know about v5, but in later versions of Elements, you can view the "Properties" of an image and within the Properties panel (somewhere) there will be a link to the actual image on the hard drive. If the link is to the same exact image, then one of the thumbnails in PSE can be deleted. When deleting an image within PSE, you are going to be asked if you want to delete the image from the hard drive as well.... the answer to that is usually no (unless you know you want to delete the image from the hard drive).

Is there a lot to learn? Yes. No point learning v5 when a lot has changed over the years! And you aren't going to learn it all via an internet forum. I would suggest getting the PSE book by Scott Kelby, then download the trial. Use practice files with the trial until you are comfortable using your files. This will take time. Finally, you still need a larger hard drive! 75GB isn't all that much. And it is even less so if that is the boot drive of the computer which needs a decent amount of free hard drive space just to operate.

The duplicates are on my hard drive...not in pse...sorry for that confusion. It just says shortcut on it but it is the exact same picture and it says the file size is the same.

Thanks for the info on the pse 11. I guess my mindset was that if I learned an older version then I would just have to learn the new parts of the newer one.....obviously I didn't think that through enough eh? I already like the 5 so I am sure I will like the 11 so will download the trial.

As far as space on the hard drive I have no clue. I know this computer was not bought to have music and pics added to it. It was just the laptop in the family room for email and fb and such. I was not planning on getting another one till this one dies cuz I dont really want to spend the money so and external hard drive???? Is that the way to go?

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