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Nikonparrothead wrote:

It's tough because I don't know what you already have in terms of gear/lighting skills.

In terms of gear, not too much - basically just a 40D and some ingenuity. I was thinking of DIY'ing stuff like softboxes out of fabric and cardboard, since it's a still setup and not something that needs to be all that portable. So let's imagine that I'm only asking about the stuff that I really "need" to buy.

As far as skills, I haven't been in the studio for about two years, so I'm a little rusty...but the bulk of my knowledge hasn't yet escaped my brain (I hope).

for example, you could do the floor reflection yourself or you may need something like this:


That, by the way, is $148, which leaves me with $552.

That's an interesting item, but surely I could do reflections without spending $148, couldn't I? I was thinking you could buy a sheet of transparent or milky acrylic...certainly that has got to be cheaper?

Then -- withouth endorsing something i've never used since I use studio flash, something like this


Let's say it's on sale for the $395.56 I'm seeing.

A lot of that stuff seems a little unnecessary - I don't need barn doors or that many softboxes for this sort of thing, I don't think.

Toss in some cheap triggers:



I was just going to run a cord from my camera's PC jack to my primary flash and slave the rest. I'll save a little money that way; I already have the cable laying around.

That leaves $133.99 for Bakcground stands



Metal pole supported by two ladders or some wood scraps. Done!

Interesting exercise. Chances are others will have an idea of other options. Many will include Alien Bees.

I've been looking at the Bees a bit - they're attractively-priced, but I'm not sure what the competition looks like. As I said, I haven't been in the studio in a while... :/

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