More joining Micro Four Thirds Group.

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Re: There is room yes.

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

X_Holger wrote:

Oh, I think there is enough room for competition.

Most Olympus and Panasonic lenses are quite expensive and Sigma hasn't developed any specific m43 lenses up to now, the 19mm and 30mm lenses are better suited for the NEX.

There is room yes, but I don't know if these companies that have joined have the capability to mass produce cameras lenses or accessories to have competitive prices and maintain good quality.

I think the bigger of those is JK Imaging.

I think Blackmagic is already a name in the video business.The psychological impact will be huge. Like a user above I was v. wary if buying native AF lenses after the 4/3 disaster, but the latest news - metabones adapter and 4/3 adapter, in addition to those companies - are confidence building.

Perhaps even more significant is that Sony is delivering the sensors, in addition to Panny, so that we can be sure of having sensors up to scratch.

This sort of convergence in the camera world happens v. rarely and lasts a long time. Think of the Leica mount and of the M42 mount in the past, they are still the most universal in the legacy world. With the Metabones adapter we will have also cheap and fast UWAs which were so far the only limit of the 2x crop factor.


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