Some questions on uploaded files to PSE-5

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Re: Lisa,

René Schuster wrote:

lkk324 wrote:

Rene...........Thank you so much for your post. I really do appreciate it. You are quite helpful.

You're welcome, Lisa! I was in about the same situation 10 years ago, first computer, first digital camera and it took a lot of help from others to understand all this new-to-me digital stuff!

As far as faststone this just a file viewer so you can do the dreaded deleting of bad photos or an editor too like elements??? Do I need both? Benefits of this viewer?

It is mainly a viewer, but also offers some basics of editing. Here is a bit more about it:

Give it a try, I really can't imagine you will regret it!! If you don't like the skin you have several options of changing it, like to a different color background, different sizes of thumbnails and much more! Btw, it is the only freeware ever I liked so much that I made a little donation to the author, lol!

Most of the pics I am messing with now are not keepers lol I am a long way from good photos with this dslr. I think I am in over my head unfortunately or I am just getting frustrated. Too much info and my brain is on overload!

Don't let a low keeper rate get you frustrated in that early stage! And even professionals probably delete a lot more than what they actually keep! What we can see here in the forums and galleries are just the good ones, but what most people won't admit is that it took 20 lousy ones to come to one good one!

I only downloaded from the camera to computer cuz my card reader decided not to work. Idk what the deal is with that. Im sure my kids jammed something in it.....

Any idea why I have the photo and then a shortcut of the photo on my hardrive?

Not really. "A shortcut", do you mean a little thumbnail like we can see in a viewer program before we click on full-screen? Maybe it is something what some internal viewer of your computer created? Or the software that came with your camera in case you have installed that one?

Do you use an external hard drive for all of your photos? I can see where this could all get confusing.

One so far, for the old stuff from 2003 until 2008 with the first digital camera. But I also have duplicates of the same old stuff on cds and on a second computer.


I think I will download faststone. It seems to be right up my alley right now!

Thank you again for being so understanding of my lack of knowledge lol I really really do appreciate it.

Ok....if I look in my pictures it is actually the exact picture...same size and everything and it says shortcut. I did install the camera software so maybe that is doing it as a backup or something. OY! I dont need 2 copies lol

I am definitely getting frustrated with the camera a this point..or myself...for not being able to take a decent picture lol I mean cmon....i took decent ones with my P&S what is the deal!! Im trying to keep it in perspective tho. I know its a lot to learn and I wont learn it overnight like I might like (haha) I have to figure it out tho.... that's my personality. Its definitely helped when I can see the exif data and try to understand why it didn't work. Its frustrating but it helps.


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