More joining Micro Four Thirds Group.

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Re: More joining Micro Four Thirds Group.

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

"Olympus has issued a press release confirming JK Imaging and four other companies have formally signed-up to the Micro Four Thirds standard. JK Imaging announced last week that it would be offering MFT cameras under the Kodak brand. Australian company Blackmagic Design, which already offers a movie camera with a passive Micro Four Thirds mount and is rumored to be working on a fully compliant version, also joins. The other three signatories are less consumer-facing.

Like Astrodesign, announced as joining in January 2012, Photron, ViewPlus and Sys-Vistek aren't looking to make cameras for the general public. Photron builds high-speed cameras for scientific and industrial research, while Sys-Vistek makes cameras used for the machine vision field (systems to provide visual input to machine and computer systems - such as automatically visually monitoring industrial processes). Finally, ViewPlus creates products that integrate sophisticated cameras and processing techniques to provide live feeds of two and three dimensional video."

I think this is good news. What do you think.

JK Imaging, Blackmagic Design and others join Micro Four Thirds

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I think each manufacture needs to find its identity and how they want to be represented.

Are you a doing a consumer like up at a $300 price point or high end professional.

Some part of the technology will separate one from another so you can decided why one manufactures body and or lens system is better.

I actually like a closed system where the lens mount is the lens mount. It is clearer to see how the manufacture develops product. Canon & Nikon have like lenses focal length, f-stop etc.

Is one manufacture using one as a crutch.  MFT's may turn into what P&S are lots of cameras.

For example Panasonic has the 12-35 2.8 will Olympus do a 10-40 2.8 and what will make it different.  I don't know if this will make things more confusing or better and what will compel you to buy one over other if things are close.

Canon & Nikon do this with camera bodies. You usually have a like price point body between the two manufactures.

Will Micro Four Thirds turn into a DSLR body like the Nikon D90 but mirror less with smaller lenses and obviously a smaller body and less weight.  That would be really interesting if you could modify a Canon or Nikon body to mimic the Panasonic GH-3 form with a MFT's lens format.

Just saying an identity is what each manufacture should develop so its clear who the audience is.

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