Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

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Re: Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

WoodWorks wrote:

In that situation, I'm shooting for pleasure, not to wrest every last photon onto every pixel on the sensor. Sure, image quality is important to me, but only up to a point. If I come home with one image that delights my eye, I'm happy. That concept seems lost on some here.


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It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows

Fair enough.

But the title of the thread suggests you consider the 1650 to be a good performer . What is it, good enough for snapshots, 'up to a point' , and all that, or is it a good lens, period ?

It's true, you can't teach a man what he thinks he already knows - do you know what a good lens is ?

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