Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

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Re: Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

WoodWorks wrote:

dennis tennis wrote:

You started the thread and can't take the heat? People don't have to zoom with their feet in same situation you faced. They could have switched lenses. That scenery isn't going anywhere.

Heat? Gosh, am I sweating? Heck, I find all the frothing at the mouth about this lens pretty amusing.

As for switching lenses, the primary reason I dumped my old DSLR is so I don't have to carry around a backpack full of heavy lenses. I was out riding my motorcycle over dirt roads on this day, and I had my NEX-6, the 16-50mm lens, and a Gorilla Pod to clamp onto my handlebars in my tankbag. In that situation, I'm shooting for pleasure, not to wrest every last photon onto every pixel on the sensor. Sure, image quality is important to me, but only up to a point. If I come home with one image that delights my eye, I'm happy. That concept seems lost on some here.


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I don't think that concept was lost, it's just different priorities that we all have. If I would get on a nice location, I would like to capture every single photon out of it, as you stated.

You might just enjoy the moment.

None of us is right, but you should also try to understand those, being on the other side of the fence.

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