D800 Orange Burn: Little Help, Please?

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Re: D800 Orange Burn: Little Help, Please?

michaeladawson wrote:

Scott McGrath wrote:

For workflow information, please see my response to Mack from ~2 hours ago.

I stated that the issue is not one of white balance because other images from the same series/shoot with the same WB setting do not present Orange Burn.

If you have a series of images with the exact same posing and lighting and most of the images are fine with this occasional hiccup, then something is wrong with the equipment. I can't see any other explanation. It's impossible to see what is really going on in a jpg file. But I can see that you can't provide an NEF file without disclosing the customer face.

Since you are working with out-of-camera jpeg files it would be helpful to know exactly how the camera is set up. What WB setting? If it's manual, what Kelvin value? What picture control setting in camera? You didn't specify these things in your earlier response.

If the example you show really is an occasional hiccup when all the rest of the photos in the series are fine then I would look at the lighting equipment. Exactly what are you using for lighting? Flashes? Hot lights? Exactly what? How are they being triggered? From the example photo it is almost as if a mixed set of lights are being used (widely varying Kelvin output) and one of the lights is not being triggered sporadically or is putting out full output on occasion (or some such thing).

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Mike Dawson

The exif is view able from the example posted.

Exif Data

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