Common objects as subjects

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Re: Common objects as subjects

Well, since I like still life photography, these are interesting to me. Now to your question:

There's no end to such subjects -- but is it art?

I've wondered that many times about still life and "found" pictures. Many times the art has been created by someone else and you just capture the picture (statues, windows, doors, architectural details, etc).

Other times the "art" isn't there until you frame the picture, come up with the composition, and catch the light. It's pretty clear that's what you've done here.

My main observation is that most people have no interest in still life pictures.

(Sorry you are living with the fear of being banned).

P.S.  I have the same picture of the side street in Saint-Paul de Vence you show in your France 2007 album except my wife is standing in the street in my picture.  Your loss.



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