Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

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Re: Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

mbonsack wrote:

This is one of the reasons I posted. It was simply a gorgeous day; hard to take a bad photo with an iPhone as someone previously mentioned. But I wanted to get an idea of what the lens was capable of, and have it critiqued by those with more experience than I. It definitely captured the tone of the day in my view, but as you say it is certainly not the end-all in resolution. This photo was also *not* the OOC jpeg; but rather one that I tweaked myself in LR 4.3 to be pleasing. I upped the sharpness and clarity to something reasonable but not overwhelming, and brought up the shadows, but that's about it. So maybe the mushiness is my fault, so any PP criticisms are welcome as well.

Thanks for your comments!


If I may suggest, the first thing I would do with this kind of image, is to straighten the horizon. Within cropping tools in the LR, there is a one with a ruler icon - named "angle". Use it to draw the line over horizon and it will straighten it up perfectly.

You should also watch out, not to end with a horizon splitting image in the middle. Try to move it within crop, up or down to about 1/3rd, to see if it works better. You did this well now, but after straightening the horizon, it can move more to the middle.

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