Canon 6D, iPod Touch, and EOS Remote?

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Re: Canon 6D, iPod Touch, and EOS Remote?

Vic Gedris wrote:

jcochran wrote:

I would appreciate an opinion from anyone that has worked with the 6D WiFi feature in combination with the iPod Touch and Canon's EOS Remote app that permits remote shooting and image viewing on how well it has worked. It seems like it might be a good solution for the lack of an articulated screen on the 6D. Thanks in advance to anyone that has an opinion and worked with this or some similar combination.

I wouldn't expect EOS Remote to completely replace an articulated screen. There's a pretty noticeable delay in what you see, and also a significant shutter delay. Don't count on it for the "decisive moment".

That said, it's pretty cool. And in some cases, even more useful that an articulated screen because it's not physically tethered to the camera. You can get a bit more creative with that.

I've just played around with it a little via the Android app so far...

I have found it useful, but limited. Main issues are

(1) Lag:  not excessive, but nothing like an articulated screen. The picture is a little choppy when the camera is moved, as the Wifi will obviously not transfer at 30fps. The shutter is pretty quick but not instantaneous, but I have found selecting the point of focus by tapping the phone screen is quite slow - naturally not a problem is you are using centre point and focusing by a half press of the camera shutter button (or back button).

(2) Handling:  this is ideally used on a tripod unless you have three hands or using light lenses enabling you to shoot one handed.  If shooting from waist high or above you could hold the camera bynthe normal hand grip, and operate the shutter on the camera, while holding the phone in the left hand. With the camera position down low, you will need to hold it by the lens, and use your other hand to focus and shoot using the phone app.  However I am sure some enterprising person will have a hotshoe phone mount on eBay if they have not done so already, which will free up the hands a little.

(3). Video:  forget about this - Wifi is disabled when video mode is selected.

However with static subjects and a tripod it can be very useful.

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