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Ok gang. I downloaded the old free version of PSE 5 to play with. Seems like I can at least use its basic features at this point which is a good deal! I was getting WAY discouraged. Anyway, I uploaded pics from my camera into PSE. It also downloaded onto my hard drive and made a duplicate. I do not have the room to hold all the photos on my laptop...especially 3 of them! Is it safe to delete the ones off my hard drive once they are in PSE? Or can I at least delete the duplicate and put the others in dropbox or something??? I feel like I am not going to be able to do a thing once my computer is bogged down.

Also....I probably asked this before but can't find it. Can PSE 5 open Raw files or do I still need to keep DPP on my computer? Can I delete any aspects of DPP to free up space? I don't have much stuff on my laptop but want to leave space for the pics.....

Thanks for your help


"from camera into PSE", hmm, all I can say is how I usually do it: I never connect the camera with the computer, but take the card out of the camera, put it in a card reader and copy the files to a folder I have created in my computer. I prefer monthly folders here, others will have other systems of organizing their pictures. Then the card goes back into the camera where I delete and format the card. In the camera, not in the card reader/computer!

When I want to have a look at my pictures in the computer, I do it via the FastStone Image Viewer freeware, a nice little piece of software I really like!

This is also the point where I do the most important part of any editing, that is generously deleting everything that is not worth keeping!

For editing, I will open the picture in my editing program, do what I want to do with it and then save it in the original folder, but with a slightly modified file name, like p0100021 will be saved as p0100021_2, or when I have used one of my old manual lenses I will add that lens in the file name, like p0100021_n180_2 for the Nikon 180/2.8 lens.

Always save the results of your work as a new file with a new file name, so you always keep your originals untouched! In two years from now, you will know much more about editing and will be happy to still have your originals so you can edit them once more and probably much better!

About RAW, hmm, why not just start with jpgs only now and wait with this RAW game until you know more about the basics of editing? I have my Oly DSLR since more than four years now and never saw a real need to do anything in RAW!


Rene...........Thank you so much for your post. I really do appreciate it. You are quite helpful.

As far as faststone this just a file viewer so you can do the dreaded deleting of bad photos or an editor too like elements??? Do I need both? Benefits of this viewer?

Most of the pics I am messing with now are not keepers lol I am a long way from good photos with this dslr. I think I am in over my head unfortunately or I am just getting frustrated. Too much info and my brain is on overload!

I only downloaded from the camera to computer cuz my card reader decided not to work. Idk what the deal is with that. Im sure my kids jammed something in it.....

Any idea why I have the photo and then a shortcut of the photo on my hardrive? Do you use an external hard drive for all of your photos? I can see where this could all get confusing.


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