Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

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Re: Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

WoodWorks wrote:

bvalenzuela wrote:

My iphone pictures are sharper than the kit lens for crying out loud or maybe i just got a defective one

That's what I enjoy so much about this forum. I mean, someone here might actually believe that you're being serious, and it will start a 150-post conflagration about it.

I enjoy shooting with my iPhone too, but sheesh...

Either case, I will use my feet to zoom and get quality images that this camera can produce...

I would have enjoyed seeing you zoom with your feet past the barbed wire fence and No Trespassing signs that were between me and the subject in the photo. The rancher that owns the land probably would have a thing or two to say about that.


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You started the thread and can't take the heat?  People don't have to zoom with their feet in same situation you faced.  They could have switched lenses.  That scenery isn't going anywhere.

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