Off brand flashes with your OM-D (Metz, Nissin, etc)

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What Type of Bracket?

Chas2 wrote:

bimmerman wrote:

Nissin only makes flashes for Nikon, Canon and limited models for Sony.

The Nissin DI466 FT is compatible, but it does not have the power you seek. If you want TTL, I think you need one of the larger Metz (50 or 58) or an Oly FL50/50R. They are big, and you may wish to use a bracket and cable with them for better balance.

Good luck.

In a previous thread I started (Oly FL600R or Refurbished FL50R), several posters recommended getting a bracket if I went with the larger flash. I did buy the FL50R, so I went online and started looking at flash brackets.

Most of the ones I've found so far are shaped kind of like a squared off "C". The bottom part of the bracket screws into the camera tripod mount, and there is a handgrip halflway up the left side of the "C". The flash sits at the top right part of the "C" up above the camera. I can see how the handgrip would help, but it looks like the flash ends up being even higher above the camera. The whole rig looks rather ungainly.

Is this the type of bracket you are recommending because of the left hand grip, or is there another type of bracket altogether you have in mind?

I (and I assume the OP as well) would appreciate any clarification on this point.

Thanks in advance

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