Uploading pics to PSE....duplicates

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Re: Uploading pics to PSE....duplicates

Ok...now that you all think I am an idiot.....:-( I swear I am not completely stupid on computers. I have a whole catalog of photos on my other computer in kodak software that have made it out alive after years......

I just wasn't sure if the uploaded pictures were going "into" pse.  Now I have NO idea why when I upload that it has my picture and a shortcut to the same picture next to it. I guess its a backup possibly?????? Is it safe to say that I can delete the shortcut and leave the original?

My hard drive is not full. I have 76gb free at this time. I was just trying to minimize the chance of that happening with duplicates of pictures while I was figuring all of this out.

The only reason I downloaded the 5 was to play with it and try it out to see if I liked it. If I like it I plan on buying the updated version. Being new to all this I decided it might not be the best idea to buy the first thing I see since I know nothing about it all.  I am torturing myself enough with all of this new info. I think its hard for veteran photographers to remember how it is when you first opened up ps or any other software that is totally foreign to you. Its a bit frustrating and a lot to take in.

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