Future of Four-Thirds

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Rumor has it that...

luckyakash wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

here ...


What they are hoping to do is succeed in finding a way to practically focus 4/3rds lenses on a new m4/3rds body.

So they finally are saying this? Always through rumors. Any 'unofficial' pdf documents out there yet?

Rumor has it ... That's not reality.

Read those articles carefully and see what Olympus said and what parts are speculation by the bloggers. The Olympus quote is 1 sentence. The rest is advocacy, which is two steps down from journalism. Rumors, guessing, speculation and wishful thinking are not facts nor official Olympus press releases. Olympus doesn't say anything through these rumor sites. These sites exist to entertain and sell advertising.

A day or two before Olympus is ready to release the next camera, they'll tell us what it's going to be. Not a day sooner.

'Hoping to find a way...' . Hoping that Olympus will find a way to create PDAF and CAF that's good enough for 4/3 lenses is just wishful thinking. Other cameras may have taken a stab at PDAF on sensor but they have patents on those methods. Olympus will have to create their own magic electronics. They haven't done it yet or it would be available already. For all the reasons I gave above, Olympus is not going to release an upgrade to the EM-5 anytime soon.

Sigma beat Olympus to the punch with their 150 f/2.8 macro lens. Olympus had a 100 mm macro lens on it's lens roadmap a few years ago. Today it's not a big gap since the 50 mm f/2 is a 100 mm equivalent and you can add the EC-14 for 140 mm EFL. The EX-25 and 50-200 or 40-150 make excellent macro lenses with longer reach. But a longer focal length macro requires a faster shutter speed, thus a wider aperture with less DOF. A long reach also doesn't work as well with a ring flash. The Olympus ring flash and twin flash wouldn't fit on a 100 mm f/2 lens due to the required lens diameter. A 100 mm f/4 lens would not be considered a HG or SHG lens so how good would the IQ be and what would it have to sell for, $300? And now there's the 70-300 mm macro lens that will shoot at 150 mm. A 150 mm macro lens is not an advantage except for maybe working in bright sunlight with skittish dragonflies and butterflies.

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