LX7 Adapter Tube for Addon Lenses - Yeah!

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Additional note WRT filters and step down rings

In the interest of supplying complete information, I need to add the followiing details to my earlier remarks about using filters and other screw-in accessories with the Kiwi adapter tube:

I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't find any of my 52mm filters at the moment for test purposes, but I just did a visual check of the position of the front element of the LX7 lens when it's fully extended to the 90mm position. It appears the front of the lens will touch the rear surface of a 52mm screw in filter.

Therefore, I believe it would be necessary to use some form of spacer to avoid physical contact between the lens and the rear of any filter. (Note: there's no contact when using a WA lens converter because the rear element of the converter is recessed. Furthermore, it'd never be advisable to zoom the lens out to the full 90mm position when using a WA converter.)

One solution is to use a 52-49mm step down ring (or a 52-55 step up ring, if one is wary of vignetting), and commit to using 49/55mm filters. The other option would be to use just the ring of a 52mm filter, from which the glass has been removed, as a spacer between the tube and your 52mm filters.

Please note that the problem presents itself only when the lens is zoomed out to the full telephoto position.

Can anyone confirm the accuracy of the above observations?

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