Typical RAW-to-B&W workflow? Or JPG film-sim?

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jonnie burtoft Contributing Member • Posts: 533
Re: Typical RAW-to-B&W workflow? Or JPG film-sim?

Hi, I shoot mainly b&w. I use jpg+raw, I tend to end up using the jpg most of the time. I set the

Xpro1 to b&w green filter, highlights are -1 and shadows -1, sharpening is standard, I tend to get an image which is quite flat but one which has lots of tonal variation. I drop the jpg into lr4 and boost contrast, bit of clarity and play with the black/ shadow and white/ highlight sliders. I add grain where necessary for a more gritty look.

The xpro1 is the best camera ive used for b&w, the files are fantastic and can take a lot of pushing around in post processing, I never get tonal separation like in my panny gf2 files. I tend not to go over the top with my processing. I never sharpen in lr4, if I need more sharpening etc I do it in camera using the raw convertor.

If you want to see my work you can check it out at flickr.com/photos/jonnieburtoft

Cheers jon

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