Hazel step-by-step guide to import and organize photos from camera or card

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Re: Hazel step-by-step guide to import and organize photos from camera or card

MtnGoatJoe wrote:

To each their own on how to organize your photos. Personally, I prefer to use iPhoto (someday I'll move to Aperture). The question I always have for people that use folders is, "What problem does folders actually solve?"

The manual import and sorting in folders solves a lot of problems;

  1. It is really fast to find and use photos in every other program, drag and drop too
  2. When moving photos from mac to pc to linux, all sorting and information is kept
  3. When the harddisk gets full, a file structure is easy to backup on a harddisk
  4. When wanting to change to another editor, say lightroom, you have all files intact
  5. It is easy to see if files are missing or duplicated
  6. Having 50.000+ photos makes some editors crash, while filesystems survive
  7. Using picasa to search and select is fully transparent and safe with date folders

Using picasa for all basic editing and tagging will ensure the photos are ready to use in all programs, as picasa saves the original in the old folder and always presents you the edited file in its correct place

I invoke a number of other editors from inside picasa, thus it works as if i have plugins to lightroom, and still keeps all information in the file (eg tags) so i can move around the files safely:)

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