GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

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GH3's OLED EVF & OLED screen

eques wrote:

You obviously have the direct comparison, so there is an issue.

This can also be deduced by the the fact, that there never were any posts about other mFT VFs with this issue.

Right you are, Peter, but isn't the GH3 with its OLED EVF (instead of good old LCD EVF) the first OLED EVF Mictro 4/3rd camera out there?

OLED as a display technology is still "up and coming" and very pricey, so I am now thinking, if the GH3's EVF would be plain old vanilla LCD instead of allegedly superior OLED, we might not be reading about this sub-par viewfinder performance issues at all in connection w. the Lumix GH3, hmmm?

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