Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

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Re: Yeah, the 16-50mm kit lens is awful

blue_skies wrote:

bvalenzuela wrote:

I agree, the kit lens is just awful. I ended up returning the NEX6 with kit lens and got just the body. After getting the 50mm 1.8 (SEL50F18), it was just no comparison. I actually was dissapointed at first with the NEX6, but then realized that it was the lens. The pictures I took with the 50mm, was just super sharp, colors were vibrant, and videos just were amazing... To get the best out of the NEX6, I definately recommned getting one of the primes to see what the camera is capable. I ended up getting the 35mm 1.8 since the 50mm is a bit tight indoors, so still waiting... I am pretty sure it will deliver...

You missed the entire point of the OP, did you?

The PZ1650 kit lens is limited - JPG is better than RAW, aperture is limited, extreme focal ranges are not superior. But otherwise, it is an impressive little lens, and quite convenient.

Yes, a 50mm at f/1.8 runs circles around it, so what?

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I didn't miss the point, as if you go back to the OP, all he put was a picture to speak for itself (I got similare results). In any case, I never said that I am expecting Prime results from a kit lens, I am totally aware; however, the type of images that I was getting (totally not sharp, mushy, colors flat), was not worth not even the $150 they charge for the kit, for me that is... I understand some folks will be happy with sup par images. All I am saying is that if a beginner that don't know much about lenses and quality, will automatically think that they are not getting great images from this camera and knock the camera down right away... My iphone pictures are sharper than the kit lens for crying out loud or maybe i just got a defective one... Either case, I will use my feet to zoom and get quality images that this camera can produce...

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