Hazel step-by-step guide to import and organize photos from camera or card

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explanation of '>' and updated import rule

toddtmw wrote:

This is a really great guide. When I follow this, it creates a single folder called 2013> 2013-01> 2013-01-19 and puts the pictures in there.

Thanks, i just tried it out and works fine here!

Did you remember to drag the '> icon' to the date field, that is the sorting mechanism, if you write the character ">" itself it will make the folder name you describe:(

To make the import workflow better, i suggest writing the "take photos from card" rule as

  • if 'all'... 'file or folder being matched'
  • 'kind' is' 'image'
  • 'move' to (your photo folder)

And then add a new rule called "look in folders" (by clicking the + so it will appear below the "take photos from card" rule)

  • if 'all'...'file or folder being matched'
  • 'any file'
  • 'run rules in folder contents'

Now the program will search and move all photos from inside the selected card or folder (eg. dcim) including those in folders inside (some cameras make new folders each 1000 photos)

Glad you find it useful!

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