x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

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Re: x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

MrChristopher wrote:

I was taking photos of a few models today and this was the first time I used the x100 for close up portrait style work. I think it passed the audition. I was very pleased with the sharp focue and clarity, even though you might see a little movement or soft focus in one or two of the images below. Any soft focus you see below is me and not the camera. Additionally I processed these in LR 4 (which I don't like compared to LR 3).

The x100 is not fast like my DSLR (we all knew that) so I'm forced to slow down and compose better. This is making me a better photographer in some respects and also I'm taking fewer shots because each shot represents a bit of work. With my DSLR I can put on a blindfold and wave my hand around clicking in the air, with the x100 I am forced to act like a photographer.

So my x100 journey is paying off in more than way way for me. Increasingly every shot counts.

ps: I'm kind of new to this forum and realize the x100 is arguably old news these days but it's new to me so I'll be posting about mine around these parts for the foreseeable future


Nice work Chris.

However the x100 is not really a portrait camera. You can use of course anything, even polaroid for portraits but it doesn't make it a very good choice. The x100 is still fine for half body shots as you demonstrated, but once you get closer to head shoulder and beyond you are practically breathing into your subject face not to mention that x100 startas having trouble with AF at that distances.

I would definitely not buy x100 for majority of portrait work - that would be wrong choice.

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