x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

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Re: x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

Cane wrote:

I like the shots, but I am not sure I get the argument that somehow being slow and methodical is somehow being more of a photographer than shooting in other ways. I hear it on here a lot, probably because it's a nice justification, but I am not sure 'going old school' is as much 'real photography' as it is nostalgia to wax poetically about. It may be a nice experience to slow down, if you have the right the exact right subject and all afternoon, but does it really matter? Like driving an old sports car, it's nice for a Sunday afternoon, if you have the time, but good luck finding that perfect sunny day when you can find the free time.

It is of course utter nonsense. Once the faster x100s is out I don't see the same people complaining about the camera being faster and that it breaks their slow "photographers" style.

The x100 is simply slower on focus and it IS NOT A FEATURE no matter how some people try to paint it. If it was a feature or if it didn't matter then FUJI will not be working their butts off to make it faster/better. The x100s is all about the improvement of focus otherwise they don't need to release it.

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