Making the most of the camera gear you HAVE

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Re: Making the most of the camera gear you HAVE

TTMartin wrote:

MAC wrote:

all good stuff.


I highly recommend you only shoot manual mode indoors and use manual outdoors, but occasionally use AV outdoors. Cameras are dumb. You control the ss, AV, iso.

Disagree, today's cameras are smarter than most owners. Too many of them read posts like this and end up with worse results than they would get leaving the camera in a more automatic mode. If you are smart enough to shoot in manual modes, you are smart enough to make sure the camera is doing what you want in non-manual modes.

Agree with your disagree.

Outdoors I always use Av as controlling the DOF is the most important to me.  Then if I don't get the shutter speed I want I either change the ISO or the aperture in the appropriate direction.

Indoors with flash I shoot manual and let automatic flash metering system do the work.  If I am not using the flash, then I go with Av mode.

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