D800 Orange Burn: Little Help, Please?

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Re: D800 Orange Burn: Little Help, Please?

This is a common problem due to new cmos sensor technology compared to older ones or CCD sensors - the red-yellow tonal curve will be overblown very often (especially in strong light conditions) and thus, push skin details away and produce almond paste orange skintones. Some video makers will use special IR neutral density filters to overcome the problem and avoid post production. A simple solution with your Nikon is to inject a new picture control in your camera to suit your needs in every situation. follow this link to download elder presets : http://nikonimglib.com/opc/

or make your own with the picture control utility in view NX or capture NX :


If you shoot raw, you may process the picture later in Nikon Capture NX. What I do : preset your picture control inside your camera (via software or manually) by tuning down to the left by 1-2 stops the Hue / - 1 stop to the left the saturation and set sharpening to 5 by default. This first process may help for portraits.

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