X10: what about optical viewfinder imageborders next to 4:3?

Started Jun 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mark H
Mark H Veteran Member • Posts: 3,491
No 'image borders' in X20's OVF...

Donthuis wrote:

My prayers have been answered, because the new X20 will not only provide imageborders in its optical viewfinder, but also show basic settings info via a transparent LCD overlay technology.

The X20's OVF overlay does not show any 'image borders'.

The OVF shows approx 85% (72% by area) of the full 4:3 aspect field of view (just the same as the X10). The OVF coverage is restricted to just 85% in order to partly mitigate framing errors that result from parallax/manufacturing limitations.

The only guidelines in the OVF are for indicating (approximate) 'AF area', and lines for 'rule of thirds' composition aid.

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