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Re: Some interesting things to point out

Brian wrote:

Midnighter wrote:

Brian wrote:

1) The U.S. Ranked #2 for health. hmmmm how can this be without socialized medicine

I guess because a significant part of their data relies on self reported well-being so it runs into the problem of warped perspective (like believing you are in the middle class even when you are really in the poor working/class) and limited perspective with no comparative experience (like being happy with a loaf of bread and thinking you are well fed while your neighbor dines on pheasant).

What would you define as the poor working class?

Also I think because health expenditure per person in the US is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE. That would be, in socialized care, a good thing.... because the money would create a more effective health outcome per dollar. However if hospital treatment for anaphylactic shock costs 5-10 times more in the US than in a nation with more socialized care what do you make of it? 5-10X more money spent on care... must mean health is better

But it doesn't cost 5-10X more. Maybe 2x more, but certainly not 5-10x more. For some reason people think health insurance would cost less in the U.S. if it were a single payer system. I don't buy into it at all.

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Average private insurance in US has overhead of 17%.  Overhead for Medicare, which is essentially a single payer system, is 5%.  The original idea of Medicare is to start with seniors and eventually extend to the general population.  Somehow Republicans, for reasons I still don't understand, just don't like the idea even though Medicare has proven to be a very efficient system.

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